Welcome to Shalim Ortiz Web, your No.1 fansite for Puerto Rican singer and actor Shalim Ortiz. Shalim's son of Puerto Rican entertainer Elin Ortiz and Dominican singer/actress Charytín Goyco. He has released two albums in Spanish, and starred in several films and TV series. You may know him for his roles in NBC's sci-fi series Heroes, Starz's Magic City, Bad Ass, The Art of Travel or Spin. Here you can find everything for Shalim, including latest news, photos and other media. Enjoy your stay and feel free to contact us for any questions!

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Release Date: 1 May 2015
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Actor Shalim Ortiz Suffers Nightmare Flight

Nov 27th
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Puerto Rican Actor/singer Shalim Ortiz Is Thankful To Be Alive After Experiencing Serious Turbulence On A Recent Flight From Hell.

The nervous flier was en route from Miami, Florida to Bogota, Colombia earlier this week (begs16Nov15) when the aircraft he was travelling on suddenly plummeted “1000 feet” (304.8 metres).

The Heroes star, 36, admits he feared for his life and had to be calmed down by air stewardesses, who allowed him to sit in the bulkhead with the crew and gave him a shot of whiskey to help his nerves.

He filmed himself in the immediate aftermath of the horror and posted the video on Facebook.com, in which he explains, “I don’t remember the last time that life put me in a situation where I had no choice other than to resign.

“Patricia (flight attendant) and this whiskey she gave me immeasurably helped. Thank God we are alive to tell the tale.”

Source: ContactMusic

Shalim attends “Loki 7” Press Conference

Aug 27th
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Shalim attended a press conference to announce the movie “Loki 7” in Santo Domingo yesterday. I’ve uploaded 4 photos from this event to the gallery. The movie is directed by Ernesto Alemany, and the cast members include Shalim Ortiz, David Chocarro, Julián Gil, Isaac Sauvignon, Héctor Aníbal, Carlos de la Mota and José Guillermo Cortines. The filming of the movie will start in October in Santo Domingo and Punta Cana. The movie will premiere in August 2016 in both Dominican and Puerto Rico.

Public Appearances > 2015 > [2015.08.26]”Loki 7″ Press Conference in Santo Domingo

Scans from People en Español Magazine added

Jul 27th
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Shalim is featured on the August 2015 issue of People en Español Magazine. I’ve uploaded scans from this magazine to the gallery.

Magazine Scans > People en Español (August 2015)

ShalimOrtizWeb.com is back online

Jul 27th
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Welcome back to ShalimOrtizWeb.com!  The hiatus is finally over. I’ve moved the site to a new server, and re-uploaded the whole gallery. Thanks to Kimberly for creating this brand new layout for us!