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Elín Ortiz Dead At 81: Charytín Goyco Husband Dies, Son Shalim Confirms

Jun 14th
crayen      News      0 Comments

Elín Ortiz has died at the age of 81. The husband of the television presenter Charytín Goyco has lost his battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. Son, Shalim Ortiz confirmed the news on Twitter with a beautiful message. “I will always love you,” he wrote. “I will always remember you. You don’t suffer anymore. You are free. Your little angel Rabitín.” Shalim attached a photo of himself and his late father together.

Charytín shared an image on Instagram of herself and her husband during their wedding day. “My dear husband Elín Ortiz,” she wrote in the caption. “My life partner for many decates, the one who gave me so much love and protection has left to heaven. I am in profound sadness like my kids and family although I am sure, that he finds himself in this moment in a beautiful place next to God. Thank you to all the lovely public and my fellow artists and all of the press for giving me love and understanding … your messages are in my heart and soul. Don Elín, I will love you for eternity.”

In September 2015, Goyco openly talked about her husband’s fight with the disease. “Elín has very advanced Alzheimer for many years,” she told El Nuevo Día. “In recent four years everything has been accentuated to greater levels and I can’t abandon him for one second. The Puero Rican producer had been facing this challenge for more than a decade. “It is time that everyone knows, although I have never hidden it from anybody because everyone around me already knew,” Charytin said at the time. “The public always asks about him. This is something that I had never said in my life because it’s very serious. I want you to know that I am not hiding Don Elín, I am protecting him.”

At that time, the publication reports that Elín did not know who Charytín was anymore. “He smiles at me all the time but he doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t recognize me, but he knows that I am there,” she said. “I smile back at him and he responds to me because I feel that in his heart, he knows who I am.” Charytín was hosting gossip show “Paparazzi TV” in Miami and left the show to take care of her sick husband. “The show was not going to be produced in Miami anymore and they offered me the job to do it in Puerto Rico,” she revealed. “I would’ve loved living there one or two years, but Elín can’t travel, I cannot be making so many changes during this phase of his life.”

Source: Latin Times


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