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‘Señora Acero’ Season 4 Cast: Carolina Miranda, Luis Ernesto Franco Star In Telemundo Series

Nov 6th
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Get ready for the return of Carolina Miranda as “Señora Acero” in Season 4 of the hit Telemundo series. Luis Ernesto Franco and Gaby Espino return in their roles as new characters are introduced in the new season. Find out who is part of the cast and tell us what you think!

Carolina Miranda is Vicenta Acero, “La Coyote”: Smart, rebellious and genuinely eager to help her beloved immigrants cross the border, despite everything she has had to endure. Beautiful, with deep blue eyes, she is in love with Daniel Philips, and together they have managed to overcome every obstacle in their way. They are the avengers of the border region. As this new season begins, they have already avenged the deaths of Abelardo, Aracely, and Daniel’s father, wife and daughter by burying Chucho Casares alive in the middle of the desert and leaving him to his fate, surrounded by hungry coyotes. Vicenta is tougher than ever as she confronts the desire for revenge of Indio Amaro, Indira Cardenas and Romero, the Colombian drug lord whose appearance adds another twist to her fate.

Luis Ernesto Franco is Daniel Phillips: Born in the United States to an American father and a Mexican mother, Daniel is a former border patrol officer on the run from the law since Indira Cardenas implicated him in the escape of Indio Amaro. Once tasked with pursuing illegal immigrants, he now works with Vicenta to help them cross the border. He studies law and becomes an Immigration lawyer to help immigrants who are about to be deported or who are unfairly accused of crimes they haven’t committed. Together with Vicenta, he gradually becomes a legend.

Gaby Espino is Indira Cárdenas: A hardened and combative woman, stunningly beautiful, now head of Homeland Security, but with a corrupt past and present that could jeopardize her career and her life at any moment. Indira’s real business is extorting immigrants who want to cross the border, charging them large sums of money for “VIP” treatment. She remains an obstacle for Vicenta and Daniel, but she is being blackmailed by Indio Amaro, whom she helped escape and who could use the information he has against her at any time. Indira must keep a low profile, working for the law and the drug cartels at the same time. She also has a personal issue to resolve: obtaining custody of her son from her ex-husband, who convinced the authorities that she worked too much and had no time to devote to raising a child. Indira will face her ex-husband again in court, but this time the battle will be fiercer. She will have to fight very hard to prove that she is capable of taking care of the law, her enemies and her son.

Michel Duval is Salvador Acero: Head of the Acero organization, Salvador works with Vicenta and Gallo to help immigrants cross the border, now from Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. He puts family above all else, and even though he and Rosario still aren’t married they are trying to have a child. The torture and abuse inflicted by Pepito have left Rosario unable to have a baby, so she and Salvador turn to Aida – Rosario’s sister in the United States – to serve as surrogate. This decision will unite them much more as couple, bringing them joy … but also misfortune.

Oscar Priego is Erick “El Gallo” Quintanilla: Married to Josefina Aguilar and lover of Debora, Erick remains as seductive as ever, even more so now that he is Mayor of Nuevo Laredo. In spite of this, he is a devoted father. He behaves wonderfully with his son, Miguelito – the sole Quintanilla heir – and Belinda, Josefina’s daughter with Larry “El Cheneque.” Gallo came to this position using his skills and his knowledge of the murky and corrupt business in which the president of Mexico, Heriberto Roca, is involved; Erick blackmailed him to gain the president’s support for his candidacy. He enjoys his newfound power, pulling political strings and posing for pictures with children, women and the poor. His charisma helps make up for the little he knows about the job. He takes advantage of his position as Mayor to organize an operation to rescue Vicenta after she is kidnapped by Indio Amaro.

Jorge Zarate is El Indio Amaro Rodríguez: Ruined, powerless and alone, Indio continues trying to rebuild his cartel and his image as Mexico’s most feared man. Betrayed by Roscas, he also counts among his enemies the Aceros, Tuti and Daniel Philips. Indira Cardenas is the only one he can blackmail, because she is the one who helped him escape from prison. As it is, he has her under his thumb, forcing her to turn a blind eye to his drug smuggling activities. Eager to ally with Capo Montero to rebuild his organization, Indio is willing to carry out jobs for him, even helping kidnap Vicenta Acero to get on his good side.

Ana Lucía Domínguez is Marta Mónica alias “La Tuti”: As exuberant, charismatic and witty as ever, with the only difference that she is now a millionaire after inheriting the fortune of her late husband, Carlos Delgado. Tuti tries to behave a little better now that she has her son, Alvarito Acacio, living with her. But old habits are hard to break and they prove stronger than her maternal instinct. She cannot contain her sexual urges every time she wants a handsome man (or woman) to keep her company. In her desire to take revenge on Indio Amaro, she joins forces with Roscas to take away Indio’s clientele, leaving him ruined. With the help of Marcelo Doriga, Tuti creates her own criminal organization, “El Cartel de la Habana” (The Havana Cartel.) She has to pass all kinds of tests to become a gangster, including torture and abuse, but she endures it all in her own style out of determination to be more powerful than Indio Amaro. In her rise to power, she joins Capo Julian Montero, with whom she falls in love, despite his obsession with Vicenta Acero.

Rodrigo Guirao is Mario Casas: The handsome Argentine chemical engineer and owner of FarmaCasas laboratories, former ally of Sara Acero in trafficking Molly under the alias Gustavo Bertuol. He now returns as Roberto, the fiancée of Andrea Doriga – the daughter of his enemy, Marcelo Doriga. In this new persona, Mario is more psychotic than ever, determined to make Marcelo’s life impossible after learning that his love, Aracely, is dead. Mario blames Marcelo for Aracely’s death and he can think of no sweeter revenge than taking away his young daughter, Elizabeth. Marcelo puts up a fierce struggle, but as the biological father Mario has the upper hand. They begin a legal battle that leaves Marcelo emotionally exhausted, while Mario comes out stronger. Although Andrea is expecting his son, Mario continues his affair with Tuti and becomes her ally against Indio Amaro. But Mario also works for Indio Amaro… and for Capo Montero… so, as usual, Mario plays both sides.

Alberto Agnesi is Marcelo Dóriga: The former DEA agent no longer works for the Aceros, who blame him for Aracely’s death. Burdened by his pain, he seeks refuge with his eldest daughter, Andrea, and his ex-wife, Ximena Ladron de Guevara. But once again, fate is against Marcelo. His daughter is engaged to none other than Mario Casas and is carrying his child. This is a great blow for Doriga, who must again face his enemy, this time in court, to foil a legal battle to take away his young daughter, Elizabeth. Ruined, lonely, and without a future, Marcelo takes a job with Tuti, who lets him live in her mansion and names him her Head of Security. With renewed purpose, he returns to the secret espionage he loves, helping Tuti build her organization. Working from inside “The Havana Cartel,” he is in a good position to hunt down Capo Montero and Indio Amaro to regain the Aceros’ confidence.

Aurora Gil is Josefina Aguilar: The wife of Erick “El Gallo” Quintanilla and First Lady of Nuevo Laredo, Josefina is already familiar with the functions required of this position from when she was married to Felipe Murillo, former Mayor of Tijuana. Even in her role as First Lady, she continues to share her husband with Debora, Erick’s lover and the mother of his heir. They have managed to find a way to be a “normal family,” living together under the same roof and raising all three of their children: Felipito, Belinda and Miguelito.

Lucía Silva is Débora: She is a former prostitute and the current lover of Gallo Quintanilla. Debora is the mother of Gallo’s heir, Miguelito Quintanilla. Together with Josefina Aguilar, Erick’s legal wife, she strives to maintain as normal and traditional family environment as possible, given the world of coyotes in which she lives. She doesn’t mind sharing her husband as long as he comes home every night to fulfill his duties to her, both around the house and in bed.

Mauricio Henao is José Ángel Godoy “Pepito”: Chavas’s erstwhile brother has survived the brutal attack ordered by Salvador. Castrated and left to die, drowning in his own blood, he is rescued by a mysterious man and brought to Indio Amaro, who finds good use for what is left of him. Pepito is tortured, abused, dressed as a woman, and forced to sing, because “castrati have a great voice.” Humiliated and disappointed in his miserable life, he tries to commit suicide, but Indio’s men stop him. In exchange, they torture him even more. Pepito will play an important role during the kidnapping of the Acero children by Indio Amaro, and he will try to vindicate himself before them to seek their forgiveness.

Oka Giner is Rosario Franco: A former prostitute at the American Dream Bar, Rosario left that life behind to be with her beloved Salvador at the Acero ranch with the rest of the clan. She wants to have a child with Salvador, but because of abuse and torture at the hands of Pepito, who raped her repeatedly to take revenge on Salvador, she is now infertile. To overcome this harsh blow, Rosario contacts Aida, her sister in the United States, and begs her to serve as surrogate for their baby. Having a child with Salvador is Rosario’s greatest dream.

Roberto Wohlmuth is Roscas: Indio Amaro’s right hand man until being demoted in favor of Larry “El Cheneque.” Tuti buys him out for a large sum of money to bring her Indio’s head, and Roscas offers it on a silver platter. He will become Tuti’s ally in her desire for revenge.

María José Magán is Andrea Dóriga: The daughter of Marcelo Doriga and Ximena Ladron de Guevara. Andrea was sent to live in New York to be safe from Teca Martinez and all of Marcelo’s enemies. She is a refined young woman, bilingual, easygoing and honest. She has lived independently from her parents for most of her life, so when she informs them that she is engaged, they shocked to discover that her fiancé is Mario Casas, who has returned under an assumed identity. Already pregnant with Mario’s son, Andrea will try to convince her parents that they are wrong about the man she loves.

Haydeé Navarra is Ximena Ladrón de Guevara: The former wife of both Teca Martinez and Marcelo Doriga. Ximena reappears in Marcelo’s life when Tuti finds out she is the grandmother of her son, Alvarito Acacio, and hires Mario to recover him. Having lost her daughter, Andrea, and her grandson, Ximena is devastated. But Tuti ends up contacting her asking for her help in raising Alvarito, who is inconsolable without the grandmother who raised him. This gives new meaning to Ximena’s life. Tuti invites her to live in her mansion, and Ximena accepts. After all, Alvarito is everything to her. When Marcelo loses Aracely, Ximena – who didn’t have a good relationship with him after he took her daughter away when Andrea was only five – tries to ignore him. But recent events in her life – her daughter engaged to Mario Casas, living under the same roof with Tuti – soften Ximena’s heart, and she begins to get closer to her ex-husband.

Shalim Ortiz is Officer Arturo Sánchez: Dedicated to his work at ICE, Arturo was and continues to be Daniel Philips’ right hand, even now that Daniel no longer works for the government. He has been intimate with his boss, Indira Cardenas, a couple of times, but she has managed to keep some distance with her rudeness. Despite being her subordinate, Arturo still is interested in exposing Indira to Daniel, and he will work hard to achieve it.

Alejandro Muñoz is Fabrizio Cárdenas: Indira’s youngest brother, hidden in a location that only she knows to protect him from Indio Amaro, the Russians and the law. He is trying hard to avoid problems with drugs that could get his sister into trouble.

Gerardo Del Valle is Juanito: The right hand of Dr. Juan Manuel Vistas, head of the “Autodefensas de Michoacán” (a community self-defense group). He unconditionally supports Vicenta in her work protecting immigrants, his town and his family. Juanito is a good natured, humble man, friendly and always willing to help.

Jessica Segura is Aída Franco: Aida was pregnant when she crossed the border into the United States across the Río Bravo, aided by Vicenta. She now lives with her son, Juan Pablo, in the U.S. Fleeing cold, she moves from Chicago to Falfurrias, Texas, where she works as a day laborer for a wealthy farmer. She has an affair with her boss and is deeply in love with him, although she knows the relationship has no future. She will lend her womb to Rosario and Salvador to carry the baby they can’t have. Like her prior pregnancy, this one will be another ordeal because of the consequences it brings.

Eduardo Amer is Bebote: The Acero’s loyal bodyguard, tormented by his relationship with Chela, which exposes his family and his ex-wife.

Ana Karen Salgado is Chela: A former prostitute at the American Dream Bar who now works at one of Aracely’s hotels, helping Vicenta with immigrants. She is still in love with Bebote, but very much on her own terms.

Nubia Marti is Victoria Phillips: Daniel’s mother, in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and losing touch with reality. She lives with Daniel and Vicenta on the Acero ranch.

Jesus Castro is Ernesto Aristimuño: Ernesto is a dedicated journalist who exposed Mario Casas in the Bolsack Moneda scandal, which leaked thousands of private documents with information about important figures in the worlds of politics, sports, etc. This company was a “ghost” law firm created by Mario Casas in Panama to establish shell businesses to hide the identities of their owners. Aristimuño also obtained information about the Casares’ shady business dealings and published an article that ruined his mother, Chavela, resulting in her death at the hand of her own son, Chucho. This time, Ernesto will be given information about corruption at the highest levels of power, involving the president of Mexico. Once again, Ernesto will use his reporting skills to sniff out all of the information he can to expose corruption.

Mario Loria is Heriberto Roca: The handsome president of Mexico – Caldera’s successor – appears again in this season. Heriberto is married, but he gladly accepts sexual favors from any woman who offers them. The First Lady knows his secrets, allowing her to manipulate him. Heriberto enjoys his power and takes full advantage of his position, including profitable connections with the cartels.

Diego Cadavid is Mr. Romero (Julián Montero): The nephew and son, respectively, of the late Rodrigo Montero and Briceida Montero. Julian is the sole heir of the Montero drug trafficking fortune. After the death of his uncle and mother, Julian becomes the only capo of the Medellin Cartel. He goes by the name of Eduardo Romero to avoid recognition, especially by the Aceros. He has come to Mexico to avenge his relatives’ deaths by the hand of Salvador Acero, even though Briceida’s death was accidental: While attempting to cross into the U.S. through an abandoned tunnel that belonging to Teca Martinez, Salvador had an altercation with Teca and fired off some shots. A number of beams in the tunnel collapsed, raining down rubble and stones on Briceida, who was killed instantly. Romero holds Salvador responsible for his mother’s death.

Jonathan Islas is Tecolote: Indio Amaro’s right-hand man in the Tijuana Cartel, he previously worked as a coyote and was a partner with Indira Cárdenas. Together with Amaro, they extorted Cárdenas to demand that she kidnap migrants and enslave them at the ranch to increase drug production and cross the border. He is a bloodthirsty killer for whom the lives of others don’t matter, but this changes when he meets Carmencita, a migrant kidnapped in the desert, who will become his weakness.

María Fernanda Quiroz is Frida Cuevas: Mexican by birth, American by naturalization, immigration lawyer by passion and profession. Despite not making much money as a lawyer, Frida dedicates her life to defending illegal aliens detained in immigration prisons in Laredo, Texas. She is a veteran lawyer well known in the city’s immigration courts. She is the hope of many undocumented immigrants who fall victim to an outdated and corrupt system. Frida stops at nothing; she knows all the ins and outs of the law and has become the voice of immigrants who are paying for crimes they didn’t commit, are separated from their families, or unjustly deported or sentenced because they were born on the wrong side of the border. She will be the one to represent Aida when the owner of the ranch where she works orders her deportation. Amidst the legal battle, she reunites with her old college friend, Daniel Philips, and meets Vicenta. Frida’s feelings for Daniel are reborn the moment they meet again. Thanks to her, Daniel finishes law school and becomes an immigration lawyer. Frida will become an important factor in Vicenta and Daniel’s relationship.

Katia Del Pino is Lili Valdés: A naturalized American for many years, Cuban-born Lili never loses her accent or her naughtiness. She is a large woman who practices the oldest profession of all. She doesn’t care about the size of her curves; as she puts it, her weight is proportional to her experience. Her clients include politicians, sportsmen, immigration lawyers, coyotes and drug traffickers. She meets Tuti when she tries to steal customers from Indio Amaro to create her cartel. They connect immediately, including in bed. Lili becomes part of the Havana Cartel and an essential assistant to Tuti – until she betrays and robs her.

Martijn Kuiper is Gregory Jones: He is a wealthy cattle rancher, owner of one of the largest estates in Falfurrias, Texas, where Aida works. A lover of nature, horses and the country, he settled in this fertile region with his wife, Laura, many years ago and is now an eminent Texan. Gregory has two children who are now attending college and whom he sees on important dates, such as Thanksgiving or the beginning of the harvest. He donates part of his money to foundations that help abused women. Although he understands that illegal immigration is a problem in his country, several of his employees are undocumented immigrants and he pays them well above the average salary for day laborers. Gregory knows that these people have spent hours, days and nights risking their lives for a better future, and that they would rather die than stay in their home countries. Despite his perfect life, he falls in love with Aida and they become secret lovers, complicating his existence and jeopardizing his marriage.

Sandra Quiróz is Laura Jones: Gregory’s wife and co-owner of the family farm in Falfurrias, Texas. Laura has blonde hair and very white skin; she is the perfect match for Gregory. She left her modeling career to become the right hand in her husband’s business, and she manages the farm to perfection. Laura is in charge of placing the purchase orders and of exporting the cattle the Joneses raise on their property. She doesn’t agree with her husband’s views on hiring illegal workers, but she keeps quiet about it so as not to lose him or his fortune. She recognizes that Aida is a good worker, but when she discovers her husband’s relationship with her, Laura will not only force Gregory to fire Aida, but also make every effort to have her deported.

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Alberto Casanova is Jorge Araujo: Indira Cardenas’ ex-husband, Jorge is an oil engineer based in Texas. Five years ago, he battled in court with Indira for custody of their son, Nicolas, and won on the grounds that she worked too much and had no time to take care of her son. After six years, he will go back to court to face Indira, who will use her new power as head of Homeland Security to fight for custody. Jorge is determined to use all his resources and money to avoid this. He will even go so far as to accuse Indira of being insane, asking the court to order psychiatric tests to prove it.

Mario Escalante is Pancho Panteón: A good-natured know-it-all from the state of Tamaulipas, given to folksy sayings, Pancho didn’t go to school, but he knows all about the law, weapons, medicine, horses, business, technology, migrants, men and women. He is a key new member of the Acero organization, head of the fleet of truck drivers who transport immigrants. He finds “good” coyotes in Falfurrias, Laredo, McAllen and Corpus Christi to take migrants to their different destinations within the United States. He has a work visa that allows him to legally enter and leave the United States without problems. He will become Gallo’s right hand when Gallo runs for Mayor of Nuevo Laredo.

Benjamín Rivero is Raúl Ricardo Rondón, Alias El Triple R: A mysterious man, always dressed in black, knowledgeable in martial arts and Chinese wisdom. He graduated with honors from the School of Law and Political Science and is a successful campaign advisor who has led candidates to the presidencies of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. He has advised important political figures in the United States, as well, using his media savvy to get many of them out of trouble. He puts his skills to work as Gallo’s advisor in his campaign for Mayor of Nuevo Laredo.

Source: Latin Times

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